Based in Dubai, Rogier and Youliya are HONESTdubai, a photography house specializing in interiors, maternity, portraits, weddings, love stories, lifestyle, hospitality & F&B. Their shared passion for photography takes them places around the UAE, looking for new images to capture. They love to spend time crawled behind their iMac going through each other’s pictures and critique each other’s work, always pushing one another to do better

“We both picked up our camera out of curiosity, we clicked the shutter, developed a passion and what we saw transformed our lives”
— - Youliya & Rogier van Zeventer
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Ambitious, creative and open minded, Rogier didn’t choose to become a professional photographer. It chose him.  

His sensibility in his choices of light, shadows and shapes are reflective of who he is, as a person. From behind his camera, he looks to enhance lifestyle moments, reveal facial expressions, exposing the beauty of interiors, people or capturing the taste of food in an image…


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A romantic at heart full of passion for life, Youliya has the soul of an artist. Combining her love for fashion, travel and photography, she established herself as a visual artist capturing feelings in her imagery.  Youliya takes pride in creating visual stories of loved ones, women and nature.